cero sliding window
cero Schiebefenster Ecklösung
cero sliding door
34 mm all-round frame, 98% glass, 100% secure - simply stunning!

As seen on ‘Extraordinary Extensions with Tinnie Tempah’ on Channel 4 - 3rd November 2021 'The High House, Cotswolds'

Slim profiled cero opens up rooms with extensive glass panels

Cero offers every possibility required from architecturally demanding buildings from a constructive and creative point of view. Its slender frames and profiles help to make the elements as transparent as possible and dissolves the boundary between inside and outside. The sight lines are kept to just 34 mm, resulting in a symmetrical and minimalist design that is underlined by the 98% glass composition. And there is also another important feature: The extremely large glass areas of up to 15 m² emphasise the focus on quality and security aspects in the design. cero has been tested and certified in line with the highest security standards, and equipment that meets anti-burglary protection classes RC2 and RC3 is available as an option.

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