Horizontal sliding walls
Horizontal-Schuifwand SL 60
Horizontal sliding walls
Perfect for commercial spaces

Flexible commercial solutions

Horizontal sliding walls give facades and shop entrances an open and transparent aesthetic. The individual glass panels disappear completely into a pocket thanks to practical “parking bays”, so there are no bundles of panels left in the way blocking the view and the access route. A range of panel storage options are available to offer the perfect solution for every possible application whilst also meeting the requirements for accessibility, thanks to the flush-mounted floor tracks. Our modern horizontal sliding walls are also a great option for private building projects. 

The floating cloud

The atrium of the DEG headquarters in Cologne, Germnay literally glows from the inside. This is thanks to a large glass canopy which brightens the floor of the plaza which can also be opened up. In 2018, a sculpture was installed to add a finishing touch to the plaza: the “floating” cloud.

benefits at a glance
Flat floor tracks with seamless transitions
Guide your flow of customers
Open or close spaces to suit your needs
große Eingänge
große Eingänge
Wide openings
Park elements in hidden niches


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