Balcony glazing
Balkonverglasung SL 25 Leipzig
Balcony glazing
Full balcony use – without the wind, rain and noise!

Transparent sliding and slide-and-turn systems

Solarlux offers many solutions for balcony glazing to protect, not just from harsh weather conditions such as wind, rain and cold, but also from noise. They can also be retrofitted onto existing balustrades. 

The versatile, non-insulated slide and slide-and-turn glazing can be fully opened up in better weather conditions whilst, when closed, give the option to make use of the space all year round. In addition, when closed precious light will still flood into the room beyond and help keep in the heat.

Product options - all glass non-insulated

SL 20e  Slide
SL 23  Slide
SL 25  Slide-and-turn
SL 25 R  Slide-and-turn
SL 25 XXL  Slide-and-turn
SL Proline T/Mega Slide-and-turn

Versatile balcony glazing

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benefits at a glance
Extra living space

All year - with thermally insulated balcony glazing

Sound insulation

Protection from unwanted noise


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