Flexa internal doors
Flexa Internal Doors
Separation not segregation
The Flexa range - High-quality glass internal partitions

Flexa premium partitions are the perfect solution for segregating large spaces into smaller private areas without compromising that light, airy feeling of well-being or losing the social connection beyond the partition. 

Made of glass and high-quality aluminium, they embody elegance, innovation and craftsmanship and can be customised and seamlessly integrated into any design vision. Flexa is perfect for offices, retail, schools, public buildings, conference centres, Sports stadiums, hotels and restaurants, and the home.

They transform large cold areas into modern and practical areas, acting as an acoustic buffer and helping to keep spaces free from drafts whilst providing ventilation when required.

Flexa SL 45 Bi-folding door
Max. Panel: Height 2.8m, Width 1.1m  
Panel butt joint sight line: 117.5 mm
Suitable for glazing 5-20mm

Flexa Ecoline Bi-folding door
Max. Panel: Height 3m, Width 1m  
Panel butt joint sight line: 99 mm
Suitable for glazing 5-36 mm

Flexa SL 60-HSW Horizontal Sliding Wall
Max. Panel: Height 3.5m, Width 1.2m  
Panel butt joint sight line: 131 mm
Suitable for glazing 5-40mm

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