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Solarlux Acubis Glass House

Glass canopies & glass houses

Solarlux modern glass roof canopies are made from high-quality sustainable low maintenance aluminium, available in 30 colours as standard or sustainable wood and fit perfectly to any properties architecture to provide reliable shelter from the rain overhead.

With the addition of slide-and-turn panels to form side walls a glass canopy can then be transformed into striking glass house/room structure. These glass panels can be fully closed for protection from the wind and rain or conveniently stacked into the corner to open out the whole area in good weather conditions. Alternatively, you can choose from sliding and bi-folding doors and fixed panes.

The non-insulated glass canopy or glass house can be attached to a building or as a standalone structure. Its multi-function uses both commercially and for the home include lounging, dining, socialising, outdoor kitchen, hot tub and pool cover. There are a range of accessories to suit your requirements:

  • Solar protection: High-quality awnings offer perfect sun protection: installed on top, vertical or as an under glass awning.
  • Lighting: Make the most of the evening – built-in LED spotlights provide atmosphere and ambience.
  • Radiant heater: The HeatscopeTM designer radiant heater is sure to wow you with its high-end designer aesthetics and its modern infrared technology to help keep you cosy and warm. 
  • Control system: The innovative control system enables you to control your awning and lighting wirelessly. 

Versatile glass canopies and glass houses

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benefits at a glance
Wind und Wetterschutz
Wind und Wetterschutz
Protection from bad weather
Wind and rain - no problem!
Glashaus Wärmepuffer
Glashaus Wärmepuffer
Climate buffer zone
Acts as a heat buffer
Wintergarten Wertsteigerung
Wintergarten Wertsteigerung
Boost the value of your property
Create outdoor living spaces
Your choice
Shading, heating, lighting
Schutz für Pflanzen und Möbel
Schutz für Pflanzen und Möbel
Plants and garden furniture
Protection all year round
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Well-equipped come rain or shine

Summer, sun, warmth! We all love to get out in the sun and enjoy the fresh air – but sometimes the summer heat gets too much for even the most avid sun worshipper. Particularly if you have a patio or terrace, it is important to ensure that you can relax, enjoy the weather and your natural surroundings at any time of year. Modern shading solutions for your glass canopy provide maximum comfort for your patio – and the Solarlux awning made by WAREMA stands out among the myriad of available options thanks to its functionality, design and shading variants. 

Beschattung Terrassendach
Beschattung Terrassendach

Impressively simple

The interplay between the patented WAREMA secudrive® technology and the specially designed brackets on the eaves provides top-quality, convenient shade beneath your glass canopy. The roof and the awning are the perfect team, providing optimum shade without letting in any light to disturb your peace. Reliable solar protection options provide optimum fabric tension even in windy weather. This awning has no support rope, which lends it a classy, sleek aesthetic.

The control system in particular is incredibly convenient – you can adjust the shading to suit your needs easily using the app.

Beleuchtung Terrassenüberdachung
Beleuchtung Terrassenüberdachung

Design & variants

Classy design meets unique fabric quality. You can choose from a wide range of design and shading options for canopy sizes of up to six metres; the all-glass sliding elements can also be combined with the vertical awning without any problem. The Solarlux awning made by Warema is available in four variants: Above glazing, below glazing, vertical and corner.

The range of different materials and colours available offers plenty of creative freedom for a solution that suits your needs perfectly, giving you a bespoke glass canopy that is unique to you.

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