Wood/aluminium as a material: Weatherproof and high-quality


When you choose a Solarlux system made from wood and aluminium you get the best of both worlds - natural wood on the inside to give that warm cosy feeling to your space whilst externally being fully protected from the elements. They also provide a huge amount of creative freedom thanks to the option of using different materials and colours on the inside and outside. 

The high-quality natural wood internally gives the space a warming, cosy ambience and allows flexibility for any design roof shape you like. The aluminium covering the wood externally gives a modern aesthetic and provides protection against the effects of weathering. Wood/aluminium systems are characterised by two key features: their excellent thermal insulation and the fact that they require very little care.  Solarlux systems are made with high-quality sustainable low maintenance aluminium, available in 30 RAL colours as standard and a wide choice of sustainable wood.

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