Wood as a material: a unique material


Wood is not a uniform or homogeneous material – every tree, every piece of solid wood has its own, distinctive characteristics, which makes each piece unique. Wood works in harmony with the environment, provides a warm and cosy feeling and a natural aesthetic. 

Naturally sustainable - the wood used by Solarlux are FSC® and PEFC, and are sourced from sustainable forestry. Both our certificates in this area set high standards, particularly in terms of sustainability, the environmental compatibility of the forest cultivation, the quality of the work and the social expertise of the forestry companies we work with.

Our use of water-based finishes and energy-saving production with recycling of water and heat provide further evidence of the care with which we handle our natural resources. This means that when you choose wood as your material, you are opting for a natural raw material that will provide individual and cosy living.

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Premium quality

Every piece of wood that goes through our 5,500 m² in-house woodworking plant is treated perfectly. For example, our raw woods are stored at a constant humidity in order to guarantee the perfect conditions for working them. Fully automated processing centres and the precision of true craftspeople result surfaces produced to furniture-quality standards, and our bespoke systems can be tailored precisely to suit any requirements. Our coating process involves several layers. First, the wood is impregnated and primed on a state-of-the-art flow-coat and drying system. Once it has been sanded by hand, the wood is then usually coated by a robot to ensure that the coating is perfectly even.

Our quality-standards certificate has been issued by an independent auditor, and thus guarantees top-quality production.

Laklaag aanbrengen hout
Laklaag aanbrengen hout

Highly individual

When you choose wood as your material, you opt for individual and cosy living. In addition to the standard woods, meranti, spruce, pine and Douglas fir, all our systems are available in any other wood of your choice.

The same applies to our surface treatments. Whether you opt for a varnish, hand-oiled surface or opaque coating: Our products are available in any colour, regardless of manufacturer. In addition to our Remmers standard paints, for example, we also offer the option to use paints supplied by Adler, Teknos or Sikkers.

Thanks to this flexibility we offer in every aspect of our process, every one of our products blends in perfectly with both the existing architecture of the house and the individual lifestyle of its owner. 

Glas-Faltwand Woodline
Glas-Faltwand Woodline

The Remmers system guarantee

The Remmers premium coating systems result in elegant and extremely durable surfaces which keep wooden systems looking young for years. If you decide in favour of our premium coating from Remmers, you have the possibility of receiving the Remmers-System-Guarantee (RSG). Not every manufacturer of wooden systems is automatically entitled to grant this guarantee – numerous criteria related to the quality of the coating have to be fulfilled by the manufacturer. The Remmers system guarantee is a 10-year guarantee for the surface of your wooden elements that have been coated with selected paints from Remmers.

Solarlux world of wood finishes

Anyone who buys one of Solarlux’s wooden systems will have almost complete creative freedom when designing their bespoke solution. Create a completely individual style and appearance – thanks to the huge range of varnish shades and oiled finishes we offer for our wooden surfaces, plus your choice of a matt or silk gloss finish. There is no extra charge for different degrees of gloss. Due to differences in wood textures, grains and natural colours, the appearance of one and the same colour may vary greatly on different types of wood. You will find a selection of shades below to help you choose the right finish for your project. 

Spruce Teak
Spruce Afromosia
Spruce Pine
Spruce Pure Pine
Spruce Cherry Tree
Spruce Dark Teak
Spruce Walnut
Spruce Afzelia
Spruce Bright Oak
Spruce Noble Brown
Spruce Dark Palisander
Spruce Clear
Oak Clear
Spruce Natural
Oak Natural
Spruce Clear Dull Matt
Oak Clear Dull Matt
Spruce Clear Matt
Oak Clear Matt
Spruce Milk White
Spruce Scandinavian Grey
Spruce Milano Grey
Spruce Nutshell
Spruce Italian Teak
Spruce Walnut
Spruce Nordic Grey
Spruce Milano Grey 50%
Spruce Nordic Grey 50%
Spruce Clear Oiled
Larch Clear Oiled
Oak Clear Oiled
Spruce Toffee
Spruce Light Grey
Spruce Stone Grey
Spruce Dark Peat
Pine Walnut Glossy
Pine Walnut Silk Matt
Meranti Walnut Glossy
Meranti Walnut Silk Matt