Balconies and facades

Modern balcony and facade design

Bringing in more light, creating open spaces, improving sustainability – Solarlux’s innovative systems for balcony and facade design offer many benefits for residential properties, combining aesthetically pleasing facade design with energy optimisation and made-to-measure building protection.

Boost the value of your property

With its pioneering concepts, Solarlux caters to the requirements of ecologically and economically motivated change.

The company’s dedication to limitless flexibility is reflected in both its solutions for glazing and renovation of existing balconies and its completely new balconies and will boost the value of any property.

Balkonverglasung SL 25

A worthwhile investment

Durable, low-maintenance Solarlux balcony glazing tailored to suit your individual needs meets the expectations for a modern and easily rentable living space.

Glazed balconies are high on the tenant and buyer wish list. Optimum sound insulation, perfect weather protection and maximum flexibility of balcony usage not only increase the attractiveness of the property, but also pay off in a very tangible economic sense.

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