Solarlux Campus
The Solarlux Campus

With its “Solarlux Campus” in Melle, Germany, which opened in September 2016, the family-owned company has created an industrial property without parallel. In addition to bringing together resources that were previously split across three separate sites, the facility has also improved the cutting-edge manufacturer’s functionality and processes. More than that, the Solarlux Campus has raised the bar in terms of design, sustainability and communication, putting a new twist on the concept of a modern industrial site.

Solarlux Campus Melle
Special challenges

Die Größe des Solarlux Campus war beim Bau eine besondere Herausforderung. Rund 900 Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter arbeiten auf 58.000 Quadratmetern in Forschung & Entwicklung, Produktion, Lager, Logistik und Verwaltung. Es gibt diverse Konferenzräume, einen Schulungstrakt, einen Ausstellungsraum, ein multifunktionales Foyer und ein Mitarbeiterrestaurant sowie ausgedehnte Außenanlagen.


Experience the Solarlux Campus

The Solarlux Campus in Melle, Germany embodies our vision of transparent architecture. The outside of the building displays an interesting blend of aesthetics, combining large areas of exposed concrete with glass facades. The interior is airy and light, with the openness of the outdoors permeating its every pore. The Solarlux Campus embodies our corporate culture.