Solarlux production

“Made in Germany” production standards

Even during production, quality and precision take centre stage. All Solarlux systems are handmade exclusively at the headquarters in Melle near Osnabrück in Germany. All profiles receive their coating in the in-house coating plant on over 5300 m²  in the shielded, dust-free cleanroom. Since early 2017, Solarlux has also been certified as a premium coater with the GSB seal, and the additional “Sea Proof” seal certifies particularly high standards, which is of great importance particularly in extreme weather conditions or at sea.


Aluminium production

With Solarlux, one thing is certain: ensuring that the materials used to make your system are handled with the utmost care is as much a part of our process as guaranteeing the perfect fit in accordance with your specifications. Every one of our products is unique and hand-made. We also apply environmental awareness to our aluminium production – Solarlux is certified in accordance with the German A.U.F. Recycling Loop, which has confirmed that our aluminium is recycled in an environmentally conscious manner that saves on resources. 

The material itself also boasts a number of impressive benefits. Click here to find out more about aluminium as a material.


Wood production

Solarlux not only supplies faultlessly functional systems; it also offers 35 years of experience in the production of bi-folding glass doors, glass conservatories and glass canopies using wood. Test certificates from reputable institutes attest to the highest quality standards throughout the production process. Years of experience and manual precision combined with state-of-the-art machines ensure that our products are all built to furniture-quality standards. Likewise, our staff all know their jobs inside-out, as we exclusively employ fully qualified carpenters for our Production team.

Wood is a material that offers extraordinary comfort. Click here to find out more.

Our materials

Transparency at the highest level

One of the most cutting-edge coating plants in Europe

Here at Solarlux, we never compromise on quality – right from the start of the production chain, we pay close attention to every detail. One example of this philosophy is the coating plant at our Solarlux Campus in Melle, north-west Germany, which produces an impressive quality of surface finish and is certified in accordance with international standards. Our proprietary coating process also offers maximum flexibility and customisation, so every Solarlux product can be made to match the colour scheme of your construction project with no problem at all.

Video: Behind the scenes at the Solarlux coating plant

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