Brochures and leaflets

On this page, you can browse through our leaflets and brochures or download them as PDF documents. Whether you’re looking to buy or just interested in what we do, you can order a free paper copy of one of our brochures by clicking here.

Living – inspiration for the home

Get inspiration for modern living ideas for the home and learn more about Solarlux products.


A thermally insulated wintergarden glazed extension gives you a stunning option to expand your living space.

Wintergarden buying tips

With many manufactures offering custom glass extension solutions, what do you need to look out for when making a purchase? What is important? What do you need to consider? Take a look at our top tips…

Glass canopies

With our versatile un-insulated glass canopies and glass houses, you can enjoy your garden all year round - whatever the weather.

Bi-folding doors

Our bi-folding doors create transparency and a smooth transition between the inside and outside.

cero brochure

Slim profiled cero sliding door opens up rooms with its impressive extensive glass panels.

How to bring that outdoor feeling indoors

Pictorial inspiration and ideas of how Solarlux products can bring more light and space to your home and make the most of your outdoor space.

Solutions for the hotel, restaurant and retail sectors

Inspirational images for the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors of Solarlux glass systems.

Urban – Glass balcony and facade solutions

Flexible balcony glazing solutions - both insulated and non-insulated - solutions for noise, heat retention and extra useable space all year round

Living ideas and open spaces

Let yourself be inspired by modern living ideas and learn more about Solarlux products.


Learn more about our sliding window cero and our bi-folding doors.