Bi-folding doors
Glas-Faltwand weit geöffnet am Wasser
The bi-folding door
Wide opening. Unobstructed view. Space to breathe.

A bi-folding door creates smooth transitions

Our bi-folding door offers many advantages, but the top one is undoubtedly the smooth transition it creates between the inside and the outside. With generous glass fronts that can be opened across almost 100% of their area, the bi-folding door lends living spaces a unique ambience. Unlike traditional sliding doors, which can leave a large section of the opening covered by glass even when fully open, the individual elements of the bi-folding door gather up into a slender bundle of panels to one side – thus guaranteeing unrestricted views.

Versatility with bi-folding doors

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The benefits at a glance

Find out about pleated blinds for Solarlux Bi-folding doors


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Security as standard

But what does RC2 actually mean? There are many different national and European standards for burglary resistance which include test procedures and  classification of the resistance of windows and doors. So how secure are Solarlux’s RC2-certified bi-folding doors?  

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