solarlux cero II sliding door
superb design freedom
Impressive 98% transparency dissolves the boundary between inside and outside

Incredibly slim sight lines, patented technology

The stunning bespoke thermally insulated aluminium profile system cero II sliding door benefits from 40 years of Solarlux experience in customised glass solutions. Thus guaranteeing precision, innovative technical details and a discerning design - exclusively 'made in Germany'. It offers superb design freedom with its impressive transparency via the expansive glass panels which opens up rooms to make the line between the inside and out dissolve away.

Large fixed or sliding cero elements offer a special combination of architecture, design and technology: With ultra-slim 34 mm profile sight lines, the individual sliding elements can reach up to 4 metres in height and make up a total area of 12 m². All in all, the system is made of 98% glass providing a huge 98% daylight transparency. Spaces are flooded with light providing a feeling of airiness and grandeur.

Key Features

  • A mere 34mm narrow profile width gives a symmetrical, minimalist design and maximum transparency.
  • High-quality aluminium available in your choice of colour (RAL, DB powder coating and Eloxal), 30 RAL colours as standard.
  • Extremely large toughened glass panels up to 15m2  provides maximum transparency through 98% glass.
  • Intelligent drainage, tested and certified for wind load and air/driving rain permeability.
  • Versatile ground plans inc. flush-fitted for accessible living, multi-track and various corner situations can be executed
  • Easy glide stainless steel carriages/rails for long-term safe running properties
  • Motorisation options inc. electro-mechanical locking/unlocking and integrated insect protection

The cero II sliding door is PAS 24:2016 certificated

Window and door regulations for new builds: With the desire for slimmer and slimmer aluminium door profiles, security may be compromised. Any windows and doors for new builds, as part of DOC Q Building regulations, must have a security standard that has been shown to be tested to meet the PAS 24 security standards.

What does PAS 24 stand for?  PAS 24 is a British minimum standard which means there are no higher or lower grades, so it either passes or fails: PAS 24:2016 Enhanced security performance requirements for doorsets and windows in the UK. The product is tested by an independent ‘United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS)’ body to ensure compliance and fit for purpose.

As well as winning many design awards, cero II is PAS 24:2016 certificated and Secured by Design (SBD) accredited which is the UK official police security initiative that works to improve the security of buildings and their immediate surroundings to provide safe places to live, work, shop and visit. Don’t settle for anything less than a quality product.

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Burglar resistance
Water tightness
Widerstandsfähigkeit bei Windlast
Widerstandsfähigkeit bei Windlast
Thermal transmission coefficient
Uw ≥ 1.35 W/m²K
Air permeability
Sound reduction index
Rw = 43 dB

Solarlux materials

Solarlux world of colours

When you choose a Solarlux aluminium system, you opt for individuality. Solarlux standard colour options, which include around 30 RAL colours, offer all the colours of the rainbow in matt and gloss finishes, at no extra cost. This allows every system to be matched with the building’s interior and exterior design. We use our own in-house coating plant – one of the most modern in Europe – for top surface quality. 

RAL 1015
RAL 3011
RAL 5003
RAL 5008
RAL 5014
RAL 6005
RAL 6009
RAL 7004
RAL 7006
RAL 7015
RAL 7016
RAL 7021
RAL 7024
RAL 7035
RAL 7038
RAL 7039
RAL 7040
RAL 8017
RAL 8019
RAL 8022
RAL 8077
RAL 9001
RAL 9003
RAL 9004
RAL 9005
RAL 9006
RAL 9007
RAL 9010
RAL 9011
RAL 9016

System details designed to impress

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