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Bespoke glazing solutions: for 40 years, Solarlux has represented exceptional quality in the production, planning and installation of custom design ideas. All of our products are made in our own production halls on the Solarlux Campus in Melle, near the north-west German town of Osnabrück. With a wide range of designs, materials and application areas to choose from, every Solarlux product is one of a kind. Thanks to the variety of systems we offer, we can come up with a bespoke solution for any project. 

Solarlux acubis pergola
Solarlux acubis pergola

Glass Canopies & Houses

Non-insulated canopy structures, to form a glass house add your choice of non-insulated slide/turn, bifold or sliding doors.

SDL Acubis Aluminium
SDL Atrium Plus Aluminium
SDL Aura Wood & Aluminium
SDL Alerio Aluminium

Cero coulissant minimaliste
Cero coulissant minimaliste

Sliding Doors

Suitable for secure building entry and wintergarden glazed extensions.

Thermally insulated:
Ecoline S & Highline S Aluminium 
cero II Aluminium - double glazed
cero III Aluminium - triple glazed
cero IV Aluminium - slender structural glazing effect
SL 178 Wood - Lift & Slide
SL 179 Wood & Aluminium - Lift & Slide

Solarlux coulissant
Solarlux coulissant

Sliding Systems

Suitable for balconies and vertical glazing under glass canopies.

SL 20e Slide, all-glass
SL 23 Slide, all-glass
SL 25 R Slide-and-turn, alumininium
SL 25 XXL Slide-and-turn, all-glass
SL Proline T/Mega Slide-and-turn, all-glass
SL Modular Many variations/configurations
SL Plus All-glass balustrade




Solarlux Horizontal-Schiebe-Wand
Solarlux Horizontal-Schiebe-Wand

Horizontal sliding walls

SL 60-HSW Thermally insulated for commercial projects, aluminium
Flexa SL 60-HSW Internal partitions, aluminium