The two-track system is sure to impress with its ingenious details and its wide range of carriage variants providing extremely convenient operation.

Natural comfort

The SL 178 lift-and-slide system creates an extremely cosy atmosphere thanks to the high-quality wood, ease of use and all the usual impressive technology customers have come to expect from Solarlux. It is equipped with an accessible floor threshold and tried-and-tested lift-and-slide technology on its bottom-running fittings. The range of carriage variants on offer guarantees extremely convenient operation, even with heavy panel weights.

Technology at a glance
Widerstandsfähigkeit bei Windlast
Thermal transmission coefficient
Uw = 1.0 W/m²K
Air permeability
Water tightness

Technical details & downloads

The Solarlux world of wood finishes

Anyone who buys one of Solarlux’s wooden systems will have almost complete creative freedom when designing their bespoke solution. Create a completely individual style and appearance – thanks to the huge range of RAL colours, varnish shades and oiled finishes we offer for our wooden surfaces, plus your choice of a matt or silk gloss finish. There is no extra charge for different degrees of gloss. Due to differences in wood textures, grains and natural colours, the appearance of one and the same colour may vary greatly on different types of wood. You will find a selection of shades below to help you choose the right finish for your project. 

gran teak
Epicéa Afromosia
Epicéa et Pin
Epicéa Pur Pin
Teck foncé Epicéa
Epicéa Noyer
Epicéa de Norvège Afzelia
Chêne Brillant Epicéa
Épicéa Noble Brun
Épicéa Bois de Rose Foncé
Epicéa Incolore
Chêne Incolore
Epicéa Naturel
Chêne Naturel
Epicéa Incolore Mat
Chêne Incolore Mat
Epicéa Naturel Mat
Chêne Naturel Mat
Epicéa Blanc Laiteux
Epicéa Gris de Scandinavie
Epicéa Gris Milanais
Epicéa Coquille D'œuf
Epicéa Teck Italien
Epicéa Noyer
Epicéa Gris Nordique
Epicéa Gris Milano 50%
Epicéa Gris Nordique 50%
Epicéa Incolore Huilé
Mélèze Incolore Huilé
Chêne Incolore Huilé
Epicéa Caramel
Epicéa Gris Clair
Epicéa Gris Pierre
Epicéa Tourbe Noire
Pin Noyer Brillant
Pin Noyer Soie Mat
Meranti Noix brillante
Meranti Noyer Soie Mat
Spruce Teak
Spruce Afromosia
Spruce Pine
Spruce Pure Pine
Spruce Cherry Tree
Spruce Dark Teak
Spruce Walnut
Spruce Afzelia
Spruce Bright Oak
Spruce Noble Brown
Spruce Dark Palisander
Spruce Clear
Oak Clear
Spruce Natural
Oak Natural
Spruce Clear Dull Matt
Oak Clear Dull Matt
Spruce Clear Matt
Oak Clear Matt
Spruce Milk White
Spruce Scandinavian Grey
Spruce Milano Grey
Spruce Nutshell
Spruce Italian Teak
Spruce Walnut
Spruce Nordic Grey
Spruce Milano Grey 50%
Spruce Nordic Grey 50%
Spruce Clear Oiled
Larch Clear Oiled
Oak Clear Oiled
Spruce Toffee
Spruce Light Grey
Spruce Stone Grey
Spruce Dark Peat
Pine Walnut Glossy
Pine Walnut Silk Matt
Meranti Walnut Glossy
Meranti Walnut Silk Matt