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Welcome to the Solarlux “Webinars & insights” video area.  In our “Sharing experience” webinar series, join Solarlux – a ground-breaking architectural partner for innovative glass ideas and comprehensive solutions – and a whole host of architecture and construction experts for specialist presentations on current issues in the industry. The seminars will also teach you what quality means to us and how we generate that quality here in Melle – as demonstrated in our Solarlux test room. This will showcase our system performance and illustrate the strain our products have to withstand during testing. We’ll also give you a look at our collaborations with architects’ bureaus on some of our past projects, and show you clips from our previous B2B events. You can also find more videos about us, the Solarlux Campus and our products at a glance right here in the overview. We hope you enjoy the videos!

Webinars/Sharing Experience
cero – let our experience make your experience

“cero – Breaking barriers – Moderating transitions” is a presentation by Solarlux architectural consultant Holger Wick, in which he discusses specific applications and solutions, a few testimonials and the latest innovations.

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Flexible spaces – School buildings
The comfort facade

Partnerships with architects’ bureaus

Graft meets Solarlux

Templiner Straße, Berlin has become home to an unusual construction project. The building was designed by the GRAFT architects’ bureau. Our bi-folding doors were an important part of the plan. Solarlux Architectural Consultant Holger Wick reports on the collaboration.


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bb22 architekten + stadtplaner
Holle architects’ bureau

Lab & testing


With this suit, you age years: the field of vision is greatly reduced, blurred and discoloured. The mobility of the joints is very difficult and fast movements are impossible. For our Health & Care application area, we tested the operation of our products when both vision and motor skills are severely limited. Conclusion: Our products could be operated well despite this.

SL 25 pendulum-impact test
Architecture in the foyer

architecture in the foyer 2022

A review of the event and presentation of the Design Educates Awards at our Solarlux Campus in Melle.

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Architecture in the Foyer 2021
Architecture in the Foyer 2020
Architecture in the Foyer 2019