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Welcome to the video section "Products & Know How" of Solarlux. In the videos, we present our products and show you their many possible applications. By the way, you can find many more videos about us, our campus in Melle, our products, interesting insights and everything about Solarlux at a glance here in the overview. We hope you enjoy watching them!

Bi-folding doors

The bi-folding door

The bi-folding door enables one thing above all: a smooth transition from indoors to outdoors. With generous glass fronts that can be opened almost 100 %, it creates a special living feeling - limitless views are guaranteed.

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easy operation

The features
More than a window


The SDL Avalis

A wintergarden is the ideal way to generously extend your own living space and to experience your own garden close up, but still be well protected. The SDL Avalis meets high aesthetic demands and follows current architectural trends with its design.

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The features
Glass canopy
Installation SDL Atrium

Always well roofed - with our SDL Atrium, your terrace can be transformed into a place of peace and relaxation. Follow the assembly of the terrace roof here in the video. Enjoy your terrace and garden all year long!

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The SDL Acubis
The SDL Atrium plus
The features
cero sliding window
cero installation Lofthaus Molenpark

The Molenpark loft building, realised by bb22 architekten + stadtplaner, offers a great view over the water towards the Frankfurt skyline. The desire for as much transparency as possible was fulfilled by cero. By the way, you can read the interview with the architects​​​​​​​ here.​

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The cero sliding window
The features
Balcony glazing
The features

Enjoy your balcony - all year long. With sliding systems or slide-and-turn system made of glass, you not only protect yourself on your balcony from harsh weather conditions such as wind, rain and cold, but also from noise. The flexible glazing transforms your balcony into an airy outdoor seating area or a weather-protected room.

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Balcony glazing SL 25
Pleated blinds and insect screen
Shade & privacy

Our Solarlux pleated blinds offer complete privacy as well as thermal and sound insulation. Flexible application options and easy installation are also given. Learn more about the advantages in the video. 

Insect screen cero