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Welcome to the Solarlux “Inspiration & ideas” video area. Here, you will find all the inspiration you need from our wide range of products. You can also find plenty of videos about us, the Solarlux Campus in Melle, Germany, our products, interesting insights, and everything you need to know about careers at Solarlux at a glance right here in the overview. We hope you enjoy the videos!

Bi-folding doors

For those with big plans

Do you want more space in your living room and a large opening out onto your garden? With a bi-folding door, that’s no problem! Unlike traditional sliding doors, all the elements can be gathered up in a slender bundle of panels at one side. This leaves you with unrestricted views and a smooth transition between the indoors and the outside.

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Individual – “Just for me”
Netherlands TV spot


Individual – “Just for me”

A wintergarden as a new, cosy living space. Are you planning a wintergarden with your own special twist? No problem! We can make almost any design a reality and tailor our products to suit your own personal needs.

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For those who want to stay inside outdoors
Putting a wintergarden through its paces
Glass canopies
The kitchen in the garden

There’s nothing better than cooking and spending time with friends and family in the open air – so why not combine your kitchen and garden to create the perfect space? This video shows our SDL Acubis as a stand-alone variant, fitted with an open-air kitchen. It’s the perfect way to make the outdoor season last a little longer, even when the wind and weather aren’t ideal.

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For those who like it cosy
Direct hit!
Individual – “Just for me”

cero - sliding window

Move something big

Move something big – with us, this is actually to be understood literally. In this project, almost six-metre-high cero sliding windows were used! The impressive installation opens the two-storeyed room to the garden. The cero is convincing with its large formats, maximum glass proportion, slender frames and profiles and its technical quality.

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