Proline T slide-and-turn system

All-glass solutions for open and recessed balconies and facades

The Proline T and Proline T Mega are modular all-glass construction sets from Solarlux that can help to tackle any challenge when it comes to glazing for open and recessed balconies or facades. A hallmark of the slide-and-turn systems is the way they allow all elements on one rail to be turned to the side and parked to fully open the balcony. In functional terms, they use the tried-and tested technology from the previous SL 25 and SL 25 XXL systems, but they also include important technological innovations.

The innovative profile of the Proline T allows for new benchmarks in glass thickness that meet the highest standards of sound insulation and wind load. In particular, this qualifies the systems for use in the construction of multi-storey buildings and high-rises. At the same time, the visible profile has been reduced even further to create a pure all-glass look that subtly blends into any facade design.

Protection for urban spaces

Increasing urban density and the risks posed by extreme weather events have made it all the more important to protect buildings and their users. Noise, dirt, driving rain and wind can batter facades and open spaces. The growing numbers of timber new builds also benefit from protective glazing. The Proline T system family was designed for the demands of European cities, where living, working and mobility are all equally important. Protective glazing can also improve quality of life on open or recessed balconies, as well as facilitate healthier living in indoor spaces. The specific strength of these systems is their exceptional sound insulation and architectural properties that can withstand maximum wind loads. Residents benefit from more flexible use of their balconies, even in exposed locations and in all types of weather.

As universal balcony glazing, Proline T provides security for all building types – in subsidised housing and more upscale residential complexes, as well as in administrative and healthcare facilities. The all-glass systems also protect the facade and fabric of the building, and they increase energy efficiency by reducing heat loss. The elements are ideal for all requirements in new builds and renovations and are used in the following areas:

  • open balconies
  • recessed balconies
  • facades
  • interiors


Maximum sound insulation
Rw up to 30 dB
Building protection
Extreme weather and climate
Building's shell
Reduced heat loss
Air circulation
Hygiene and fresh air guaranteed
Height compensation
Up to 35 mm

Engineering & function

Proline T Hoehenausgleichsprofil
Compensation of dimensional tolerances
Proline T barrierefreie Bodenschiene
Accessible floor tracks
Proline T Mega Kugelgelagerte Lauftechnik
Sealed bearing running mechanism

Data & digital services

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