Facade solutions/curtain walls
SL Modular mit Ecoline
SL Modular facade solution
A comprehensive solution
This modular system is designed as a curtain wall and combines the fixed balustrade element with a flexible and individually selectable vertical system to create a single unit.

Transparent facade solutions – efficient and easy on the eye

Anyone who wants to take the opportunity to enhance the appearance and energy efficiency of an entire building during their balcony renovation will benefit from the curtain wall concept. The all-in-one curtain wall system is an extra outer shell that not only improves the building’s energy balance, but offers the fabric lasting protection from weathering.

The SL Modular offers a wide range of options for custom balustrade design. Two versions are available, depending on which system you want to combine it with: the non-insulated variant for installation with the systems such as the SL 25 transparent slide-and-turn system, and the thermally insulated version. The latter can be combined with warm systems such as the Ecoline/Highline bi-folding door and provides a fully-fledged continuation for the insulated composite system. Both versions ensure both protection of the building fabric and noticeable sound insulation.

Technology at a glance
Ein Highlight
Wide range of combination options
Quick installation times due to high degree of pre-fabrication
Sound reduction index
Up to 28 dB non-insulated, insulated figure varies depending on system

Technical details & downloads

SL Plus Brüstung
SL Plus: The alternative to the module

The SL plus all-glass balustrade is the perfect alternative for balcony and facade solutions that require complete transparency. When combined with the SL 25 balcony glazing, it produces a uniform appearance without hindering the opening and closing of the balcony glazing. 

The Solarlux world of colours

When you choose a Solarlux aluminium system, you opt for individuality. Solarlux standard colour options, which include around 30 RAL colours, offer all the colours of the rainbow in matt and gloss finishes, at no extra cost. This allows every system to be matched with the building’s interior and exterior design. We use our own in-house coating plant – one of the most modern in Europe – for top surface quality. 

RAL 1015
RAL 3011
RAL 5003
RAL 5008
RAL 5014
RAL 6005
RAL 6009
RAL 7004
RAL 7006
RAL 7015
RAL 7016
RAL 7021
RAL 7024
RAL 7035
RAL 7038
RAL 7039
RAL 7040
RAL 8017
RAL 8019
RAL 8022
RAL 8077
RAL 9001
RAL 9003
RAL 9004
RAL 9005
RAL 9006
RAL 9007
RAL 9010
RAL 9011
RAL 9016