Ecoline and Highline sliding doors

Full-length profile series for all facade elements

With the introduction of the Ecoline S and Highline S sliding doors, Solarlux is rounding out its profile family of the same name and thus fulfilling much more than just the demand for an aesthetically consistent facade design – this holistic approach also eliminates the need for time-consuming and planning-intensive coordination with a large number of different suppliers. As the sole system provider and manufacturer of all elements, Solarlux guarantees the highest level of quality not only in technical terms, but also with regard to aesthetics, performance, comfort and ease of installation.


Durchgängige Profilansicht Icon
Continuous profile sight lines
Everything from a single source
Widerstandsfähigkeit bei Windlast
Building protection
Extreme weather and climate
Building shell
Reduced heat loss
Air circulation
Hygiene and fresh air guaranteed

One profile family, countless possibilities

The Ecoline S and Highline S sliding doors represent the logical finishing touch to the product portfolio containing the bi-foldings and windows of the same name. With this new product, completely unbroken and uniform profile sight lines can now be implemented, even in more complex projects. The glass level of the sliding door also fits flush with connected elements such as windows and bi-folding door, so there is no major offset at the edge of the glass.

uniform profile series ecoline

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