cero IV

The slimmest on the market – Maximum sliding windows, minimum sight lines

Clear, minimalist shapes are one of the defining features of modern architecture. Architects and clients alike want light to be able to maximise its potential as a main player in the design. In order to achieve this, transparency levels within the property in question need to be as high as possible. For years now, incredibly slender frames and profiles have been pushing the limits of what is technically feasible in terms of structural requirements. The new, extra-large cero IV sliding window takes transparency to the next level – without compromising on functionality or aesthetics. For architecture full of light.

cero IV sliding window with structural glazing effect

The new cero IV sliding system adds a unique selling point to the cero family: by reducing the vertical forend profile sight line to a minimum, Solarlux has created a structural glazing effect that makes the forend almost completely invisible. In addition to this, the cero IV comes with even greater transparency levels than ever before – the top and bottom sight lines on the panel profile are only 15 mm wide each. And while these minimalist sight lines offer a new dimension in terms of look and aesthetics, the system also retains the key benefits offered by other cero models, such as the glazing rebate ventilation that prevents condensation from building up inside the double glazing.

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The Solarlux world of colours

When you choose a Solarlux aluminium system, you opt for individuality. Solarlux standard colour options, which include around 30 RAL colours, offer all the colours of the rainbow in matt and gloss finishes, at no extra cost. This allows every system to be matched with the building’s interior and exterior design. We use our own in-house coating plant – one of the most modern in Europe – for top surface quality. 

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