Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality by Solarlux

Experience your very own wintergarden or glass house now! What could your own wintergarden look like? What effect does a glass canopy have? You can get definitive answers and a real sense of space from your glazed extension in our showrooms in Melle and Münster. The latest technology truly brings your wintergarden or a glass canopy to life. Why not try it for yourself?

Virtual Reality
So close you can touch it!

Imagine you’re standing in front of your house, looking at your new wintergarden, while at the same time knowing it hasn’t been built yet, and you’re not actually in front of your house at all. This is what the Solarlux visualisation service allows you to do, using photos and – most remarkably – an impressive virtual-reality presentation.

Anyone who is thinking of building a wintergarden or a glass canopy is bound to have a lot of questions. One of the most important being: “How will the whole thing look once it’s finished?” We can offer you very special solutions to answer this question: Both photo visualisation and a virtual-reality presentation. The photo visualisation service takes a digital photo of your house and incorporates where you are planning to build the project.

Virtual Reality
Visualisation with VR

Virtual reality (VR) takes the visualisation concept to the next level. Using a special VR headset, you can see a computer simulation of your house and garden – including the wintergarden or glass house you have planned. What’s fascinating is that you can move around in VR, thus exploring your dream project to gain a realistic impression of your proposal.  

Our visualisation service is free of charge and without obligation. It is offered at our showroom on the Solarlux Campus in Melle.