Wintergarden product benefits
Wintergarten aus Aluminium mit einer Glas-Faltwand

The benefits of the Solarlux wintergarden


Wintergardens as a climate buffer zone

A highly efficient, thermally insulated glass extension acts as the perfect link between the inside of your house and the natural world around it. It is especially effective in balancing out the temperatures as the seasons change and stores the heat from the sun to help keep your home warm. On top of this, the wide range of ventilation and shading options available will give you the perfect climate inside your glass extension. 

Vier Jahreszeiten

Experience all four seasons

Discover the first blossoms of spring, feel the warm sun on your back, and watch leaves and snow fall on the roof above your head: A glass extension gives you a front row seat to watch the changing seasons.

Wertsteigerung der Immobilie


A glass extension gives you more than just extra space – it is also is a sure-fire way of increasing your property’s value. For private and public construction projects alike, A Solarlux glass extension is always a sound investment in the material value of an existing building. 

Individuelle Projektlösung


Every glass extension we make at our factory in Melle, Germany is unique – you’ll never see the same one twice. This makes each Solarlux glass extension a unique solution. Thanks to their different roof shapes, colours and materials, you can always find a Solarlux glass extension to match your existing architecture. In addition to their functionality, their high-quality design and materials represent true added value.



Solarlux wintergardens offer the right shape of roof for any situation. Our in-depth planning and consultation services will allow us – together with you, of course – to determine the perfect shape and size to suit your ideas and wishes. Design, statics, drainage, shade and ventilation – these are the key factors that help us to design the perfect roof and bring it to life.



You can combine your roof construction with a variety of vertical glass elements. Solarlux bi-folding doors and sliding systems can be installed under almost any roof system to allow you to enjoy wide openings to the outdoors. Your Solarlux wintergarden can be transparent on all sides to restrict no daylight and can be opened up fully on all sides to allow you to enjoy the fresh air to its fullest when the weather is nice. In addition to this, the many different ways a bi-folding door can be opened will give you full control over the temperature in your room. However, even when closed the vertical elements never obscure your view of the outdoors.