Sliding door product benefits
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The benefits of Solarlux sliding windows and doors

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Maximum transparency

Whichever system you choose and whatever your requirements, all Solarlux sliding doors and windows have one thing in common: their incredibly large glass surfaces. This makes all of our systems perfect for those looking to completely erase the boundary between the inside of their home and the outside, be that between the patio and the garden or the living room and the patio.  

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Easy to use

All our sliding doors and windows are incredibly easy to open and close – even those whose elements weigh up to 1000 kg each, like the extra-large cero sliding window. This is thanks to our high-quality, full stainless steel carriage technology which, in addition to running smoothly, is also non-wearing and requires only minimal maintenance.   


Wide range of uses

Under a glass canopy or to replace an existing patio door, as a high-quality project solution for your home or a classic sliding door for your wintergarden – our wide range of sliding door and window systems provides the perfect solution for any application.  


Protection from wind and weather

With a glass house, you can enjoy your patio at any time of year. The versatile glass elements provide additional protection from draughts without obscuring your view. And with our comprehensive weather protection, you’ll soon find your evenings on the patio stretching out into the small hours – whatever the weather.

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Vertical glazing

But if you add vertical, sliding glass elements, it becomes a glass house that will protect you against all types of wind and weather. Almost any Solarlux glass canopy can easily be converted into a cosy glass house by adding vertical glass elements to it – even after the original installation, of course.