Wintergarden orientation

It’s all a question of direction!

Wintergarten Ausrichtung Norden


North-facing glass extensions will be filled with even, glare-free light all day long – perfect for offices and studios. The indirect sunlight also provides a great climate for many plants. However, if you want to be able to use the wintergarden all year round, you will need to heat it all day in winter, as the low sun will be unable to reach it.

Wintergarten Ausrichtung Osten


East-facing wintergardens are especially enjoyable at breakfast time, when they are flooded with pleasant light. The shade from the house itself will offer great protection from the afternoon sun, and even plants that need to be kept away from direct sunlight will love these spaces.

Wintergarten Ausrichtung Süden


Enjoy the outdoors later into the year with a south-facing wintergarden. This is the option that provides the longest hours of sunlight, storing up pleasant warmth from autumn through to spring – though you’ll need to make sure you have effective ventilation and shading options for the summer. Tropical and sub-tropical plants that need plenty of sun will feel right at home in a south-facing wintergarden.

Wintergarten Ausrichtung Westen


A west-facing wintergarden will spoil its owners with warmth from the afternoon and evening sun, storing up enough heat to stay warm overnight. Beautiful sunset will provide the perfect backdrop for those cosy evenings.

You can find more information on Solarlux’s wintergardens here.