From glass canopy to glass house
The glass canopy that can do it all

With our wide range of glazing options, your outdoor area could hardly be more individual. Solarlux glass canopies come in many different special shapes to give you maximum creative freedom. We also offer a huge variety of vertical units to extend your glass canopy and turn it into a glass house. All the matching accessories are available from us as well – in our usual high quality, of course!

The SDL Atrium plus glass canopy can be used to enhance almost any patio. Available in depths of up to 6.37 m, it offers shelter for large areas. And with its maximum span of up to 5.72 m, the system is both delicate and sturdy. The SDL Atrium plus can be designed as a monopitch roof, a pitched roof or a customised design to match the architecture of your house, with roof pitches of 5 to 45 degrees available.

SDL Atrium Plus
From glass canopy to glass house

Thanks to Solarlux’s wide range of products, almost all of our glass canopies can be customised. By adding a sliding or slide-and-turn system or a bi-folding door, you can turn them into a glass house, and the sliding or slide-and-turn elements can be framed or given an all-glass look for maximum transparency. Whichever glazing solution you choose, you will be able to open up your glass house quickly and easily when the weather is nice to leave you with just a sheltered patio.

A shading solution is the perfect accessory for this set-up – a Solarlux awning made by Warena, to be precise. This awning fits perfectly, leaving not even the tiniest gap for the sun to get in and break up your shade.

You can find out all about our shading options here.

SDL Atrium Plus
Down to the smallest detail

The huge amount of creative freedom the Solarlux glass house offers is embellished by a host of well though-out details. For instance, permanent canopy ventilation or a motorised sliding window can be added to make sure that the temperature under the glass canopy is pleasant at all times. The glass canopy or glass house can also be enjoyed when the sun goes down: spotlight rails built into the eaves of the canopy create the perfect mood and ambience, while a built-in heating system keeps the space cosy and warm when the temperatures cool down outside.

Solarlux's one-stop-shop philosophy benefits all with their wealth of expertise togther with the company’s outstanding service and the way its products can be combined in perfect harmony, down to the smallest detail. 

You can find more information on Solarlux’s glass canopies here.