Wide openings with bi-folding doors

Wide light openings for your home

Solarlux bi-folding doors set the standard for merging the indoor and outdoor areas. A pleasant sense of transparency and smooth transition from the inside to the outside - and vice versa – improve quality of life and extend living spaces almost without limits. When the bi-folding glass doors are closed, they guarantee all the usual comfortable living requirements and maximum protection. With their intricate and ingenious engineering, Solarlux bi-folding doors make the hub of home life part of the great outdoors, thanks to its wide opening. 

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Glas-Faltwand Highline


Unlike traditional sliding doors, which can leave a large section of the opening covered by glass even when fully open, the individual elements of the bi-folding door gather up into a slender bundle of panels to one side. This produces generous glass fronts that can be opened across almost 100% of their large area – thus guaranteeing unrestricted views. Thanks to its perfect functionality, the creative freedom offered by its high-quality materials, and the limitless possibilities for combining it with other elements, the bi-folding door is the ideal solution for a wide range of living concepts. Whether you want a wide entrance to the garden from your living room or a flexible solution for your glass extension – the possibilities are limitless.

Glas-Faltwand SL 80


There are many different reasons why you might want to modify your current living situation and the Solarlux bi-folding door will give you the maximum about of creative freedom. All of our bi-folds have more going for them than just their functionality and range of potential applications – they also leave no stone unturned when it comes to design, colour and material options. However, there is one feature that is sure to impress more than the rest, and that is the huge openings our bi-fold doors can cover to open up your home to the light and the great outdoors. 

Glas-Faltwand Highline


Inwards or outwards, folding to the left and/or to the right – Solarlux bi-folding doors offer many different opening options. They can be can be opened or closed in just a few simple steps, across their whole area and thanks to the ingenious engineering, even the very large glass panels can be opened with ease with almost no noise.

Glas-Faltwand SL 81 Balkonverglasung


Bi-folding doors are ideal for extending your living area and can transform your balcony into an airy space or a sheltered room, whenever you want. The bi-folding door can be opened completely over the entire width and concertinaed to one side to make the most of that outdoor feeling. When closed the thermally insulated profiles and innovative glazing create a continuous facade and can reduce outside noise.


Glas-Faltwand SL 80


Bi-folding doors make your living space transparent and open. They turn cramped, dark rooms into bright, modern spaces by flooding your living area with light and providing a great sense of airiness.

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