RC2 certification for Woodline and Combiline
Solarlux Woodline Griff

Freedom and security

Wide openings that meet high security standards – it is not just the aluminium variants of our bi-folding doors that fulfil the requirements of resistance class RC2. The wooden system now also guarantees burglar resistance in accordance with DIN EN 1627 – And is the first wooden bi-folding door on the market to do so.

Facade solutions that offer flexible opening options and large glass areas provide creative freedom and versatility when it comes to the layout of a living space. However, they also come with a sense of reduced security. Wide glass surfaces that can be opened across large areas are often misconstrued as the perfect oversized targets for burglars. The Solarlux bi-folding door puts the lie to this theory, combining freedom and security in a single product. The bi-folding door’s RC2 certification serves as proof of the outstanding level of anti-burglary protection it offers, as a result of which the solution is also eligible for state funding in Germany.

Geprüfter Einbruchschutz Woodline
Proven anti-burglary protection

Burglar-resistant elements with resistance class RC2 are subjected to a manual break-in test and must withstand an attack with lever tools for a set period of time. The practical break-in test ensures that there are no weak points anywhere in the design. The Woodline is the first wooden bi-folding door on the market to pass every discipline in the RC2 test. The bi-folding door fulfils all the requirements of the top security standards. The two-point espagnolette locking system that is fitted as standard and the wide range of options for combining the system with a variety of security features guarantee the best possible degree of burglar resistance.

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