Glass house – SDL Atrium centre
“I travel a lot for work, and at some point I got the idea for the glass house in my head. Straight away I liked the thought of having a modern, transparent way of protecting the patio from the wind and weather.”
Stefan Brüntrup, owner

The comfort zone

When embarking on a new renovation or construction project, many people know exactly how they want their home to look once the work is complete. Stefan Brüntrup was no different. A professional craftsman himself, Stefan wanted their home to be a real oasis for all the family. The main focal point was the property’s location, right next to a forest. The owner designed the charming garden area himself. “I love being outside,” he explains. “For me, our garden is the perfect oasis of well-being. Here, I can relax, enjoy the evenings with my family after work, or simply take a quick moment to get some air on my lunch break.” But it hasn’t always been this way. “The patio in particular was almost unusable before. It was always draughty, the wind was always whistling through our outdoor area. It was just always too cold to sit outside and relax.” 

Glashaus SDL Atrium Plus

Full service, full satisfaction

Unlike a simple glass canopy, a glass house also has vertical glass elements around the sides that provide protection from the elements – a form of all-round weather protection.  These can easily be pushed to the side when it’s sunny and packed together in a slender bundle, giving the owners an open and airy patio. Once he started his research, it wasn’t long before Stefan came across Solarlux. “I’d already heard the name before,” the owner recalls. However, he didn’t really make up his mind until he had taken a tour of the company’s large, modern production halls. “The cleanliness of the production, the quality of the products and the whole service package completely won me over.” 

Glashaus SDL Atrium Plus

The idea

The owner designed the garden and patio himself – every aspect came from his own ideas. It was important to him that the space be both cosy and open. For example, he wanted to keep the unobstructed view of the forest while also ensuring that the lounge corner in front of the patio was a real comfort spot. He achieved this using subtle and carefully placed wooden privacy screens.  These are a pleasant way of separating the seating from the rest of the space without blocking the view of the forest. With its enchanting sense of light and transparency, the glass house is also a real looker, and blends in perfectly with the overall concept of the garden. The vertical glass elements are barely visible, so those inside the glass house can enjoy their natural surroundings undisturbed. 

Glashaus SDL Atrium Plus

So how are things looking today?

The large glass house has now become an integral part of the patio design. “Thanks to the canopy, our patio has now finally become a favourite spot that the whole family can use every day. We have breakfast and lunch here, the kids study, or we all just chill out on the loungers,” Stefan continues. They particularly enjoy relaxing in the glass house together after a long day of work and school. “The ambience in the evenings is just incredible,” the owner beams. “When the glass house is illuminated and the coloured fountains are bubbling away it creates a truly special atmosphere – we still can’t believe how lucky we are.” Thanks to a built-in radiant heater, the temperature in the glass house even remains pleasant on cooler days. “It’s turned the end of every day into a mini-break for us to recharge our batteries – just in our own garden,” Stefan Brüntrup laughs.