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Around the turn of the millennium, the city of Bremerhaven began to promote the transformation of port areas and commercial spaces close to the city centre. In the meantime, a maritime centre has developed around the two oldest docks. LloydMarina Wohnungsbau built a residential building with high-quality freehold apartments overlooking the harbour. The proximity to the water meant the balconies had virtually constant draughty breezes.

Reportage vitrage pour balcon sl25
Reportage vitrage pour balcon sl25

The project

BUILT 2017
BUILDING OWNER LloydMarina Wohnungsbau GmbH
ARCHITECT Wiedenroth & Siebert
LOCATION Bremerhaven Neuer Hafen, Lohmannstraße
TYPE OF CONSTRUCTION Eight-storey residential building in the form of a ship's bow with 16 high-quality freehold apartments
REQUIREMENT Facade with a high level of sound insulation and maximum transparency
SOLUTION The non-insulated SL Modular balcony system with the SL 25 slide-and-turn system now provides residents with the perfect protection from the elements without obstructing their view of the harbour and water

Projekt Weserview
Projekt Weserview

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