The difference between a glass house/canopy and a wintergarden
Solarlux Glass Canopy SDL Acubis

What's the difference between a glass canopy/house and a wintergarden glazed extension?

There are so many terms used by so many companies regarding glass structures such as glass house, glass room, garden room, glass canopy, glazed extension, conservatory, orangery and wintergarden to name but a few!

There are two main types of glass structures which each have a clear point of difference;

  • one is thermally insulated and can be used as a ‘normal’ internal room all year round
  • the other is non-insulated and will offer protection from the weather and may still have heating etc. but is not thermally insulated.

We at Solarlux, due to our German roots, call are thermally-insulated glass structure a ‘wintergarden’ glazed extension. The term wintergarden is quite a new concept to the UK but in Europe they are well-known and a very popular way to extend a home or commercial premises. Our non-insulated glass structure is called a glass canopy/house. A Solarlux glass canopy is a glazed overhanging projection that can stand alone (with corner posts!) or be attached to the side of a building for protection from the overhead elements. A glass canopy can then be transformed into striking glass house/room structure with the addition of glazed slide-and-turn panels to form side walls. These glass panels can be fully closed for protection from the wind and rain or conveniently stacked into the corner to open out the whole area to the elements.

How do you choose which type of glass structure is best for your project?

Quite simply, the difference lies in how you plan to use the space. A glass house/canopy provides weatherproof protection to get the most out of your garden/commercial space, whatever the weather. Whereas a wintergarden is a glazed structure designed to extend your living/commercial space that can be enjoyed all year round thanks to its thermal-insulating features. Let’s explore each product in greater depth together.

What is a glass canopy/house?

A Solarlux glass canopy is a glazed overhanging projection that can stand alone or attach to the side of a building. Glass canopies can be transformed into striking glass house structure with the addition of glazed slide-and-turn panels to form a glass walls, which can be conveniently stacked into the corner until needed. They are designed for optimum weather protection, come rain, wind or shine; you choose to be fully closed against the rain, partially closed against the wind or fully open in days of warm sunshine. A full range of additional accessories include:

Solar protective awnings: Perfect shading from the sun, installed on top, vertical or as an underglass awning.

Integrated LED lighting: Combined LED spotlights allow you to get the most out of warm summer nights.

Ventilation: Sleek, ultra-slim sliding doors are used as a transparent side element for glass canopies, whilst providing essential ventilation alongside space-saving style.

Innovative infrared heaters: Remember, a glass house/canopy is not thermally insulated as standard. The multi-award winning Heatscope™ Design radiant heater offers less light and more heat, utilising modern infrared technology to deliver cosy warmth wherever it's installed.

Solarlux Glass Canopy

Suitable for both the homeowner and for commercial uses such as restaurants, hotels, communal housing areas and care homes; popular uses for our glass house/canopy installations include:

  • Attached to a building for effective overhead shelter for patios, terraces, and entrances (glass canopy and house)
  • Extra restaurant or bar seating area
  • Separate relaxing areas in gardens (glass house)
  • Separate outdoor kitchen/BBQ areas (glass canopy and house)
  • Outdoor play areas (glass canopy and house)
  • A striking covered walkway between buildings (glass canopy)
  • A contemporary carport (glass canopy)
  • Swimming relaxing/changing area and or pool cover (glass canopy and house)

What is a wintergarden?

A Solarlux wintergarden gives that ‘wow-factor’ and is a glass room extension which can be with or without an internal door between your existing room and the glass extension and is fully thermally insulated. A stand-alone wintergarden structure is also possible. Designed to be an addition or extend your living/commercial space, a wintergarden glazed extension can seamlessly integrate into any existing architectural styling. A full range of  additional accessories include:

High performance shading: To avoid the 'too hot in summer' scenario, awnings provide effective shade on the outside. Stylish interior shading options, such as blinds, pleated blinds, and Venetian blinds, also keep the wonderful Wintergarden private, secure, and cool 365 days a year.

Wind and temperature sensors:  For optimum climate control, combine technologically advanced wind and temperature sensors with high performance shading to regulate the temperature even when you're not there.

Heating: For colder days, fireplaces and tiled stoves provide a snug, vintage ambience, whilst underfloor heating, normal radiators and underfloor convectors can be integrated for a more modern feel.

Ventilation: Ventilation is also crucial to maintain the ideal climate for maximum enjoyment. High performance ventilation options include flexible opening bi-fold doors to adjustable ventilators positioned at the bottom of the windows and traditional roof lights to sliding or tilting roof windows.

Lighting: Get the most out of your new extension space whilst creating a soft, cosy ambience, with a variety of lovely lighting options, including subtle spotlight rails mounted under the individual rafters to a range of fixed and swivelling LED spotlights, halogen lights and star spotlights. Dimmable options are also available for the ultimate control over your new surroundings.

User-friendly automation options: For a unique contemporary twist, choose our innovative automatic control that intelligently harmonises technical fittings such as ventilation, shading, and lighting all from one place.

Solarlux wintergarden SDL Akzent plus

Suitable for both the homeowner and for commercial uses such as restaurants, hotels, communal housing areas and care homes; popular uses for our wintergarden glazed extensions include:

  • Striking living space expansion for kitchen and living rooms
  • Extra restaurant or bar seating area
  • Home office/hobby room/play room
  • Garden, calming, relaxing room
  • Swimming relaxing/changing area and or pool cover

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Both our glass canopy/houses and wintergarden glazed extension are made from only high-quality materials, designed and manufactured by Solarlux in Germany  in our own manufacturing plant. Our premium Solarlux glass products are installed by our experienced installation Partners in the UK, contact us for more information.