SL 20 sliding window – Hellendorn
“Finally, we can use the patio all the time – no more draughts! It’s perfect at any time of day.“
Lidy van de Boer, owner

Finally, we can sit outside!

The house Lidy de Boer shares with her husband, Wim, is a real gem. With its well-kept garden – Lidy’s favourite hobby – the thatched-roof house has always been a popular place for the couples friends and family to gather. The only downside was the draughty patio. “We could hardly ever enjoy our garden from the patio, as its position on the corner meant it was exposed to the wind even on still days,” the owner recalls. 

It was an architect friend of the couple who gave them the idea of retrofitting the patio with sliding glass elements – the perfect way of sheltering it from the wind and rain. “We’re absolutely delighted,” the de Boers say. “We can now finally sit out on the patio with our friends and enjoy the beautiful weather to the fullest, even in the evenings. Add to that how easy it is to use the sliding elements and how quickly they can be opened and closed, and it’s exactly what we’d always dreamed of.”  

Schiebesystem SL 20
No more draughts
The glass panes close off the wind from the corner patio.
Schiebesystem SL 20
Easy to open all the way
When the sun comes out, the panes are pushed together.
Schiebesystem SL 20
On the tracks
The sliding system can move along up to five tracks.