Accessibility for all - level floor track door thresholds
Solarlux Ecoline bifold

Level door thresholds for barrier and trip-free access, accessibility for all

Solarlux cero III sliding door
Solarlux cero III sliding door

Accessibility for all

There are many reasons why you would require a level floor track for access: wheelchair, walking stick, and frame users, prams and active young children, future-proofing your home, or just simply for ease of carrying items across the threshold to your patio and garden!

Large, dramatic sliding or bi-folding doors create stunning light-filled rooms. They can be installed using barrier-free floor tracks while providing protection from bad weather.

Solarlux cero III sliding door
Solarlux cero III sliding door
Your choice of configuration

Flush floor levels look spectacular, connecting to outside decking, slabs or matching floor tiles, making the opening seamless.

Cornerless configurations can be achieved, and Solarlux doors are engineered precisely, ensuring ease of use. Even a triple-glazed cero III sliding door with a height of 6 m and weight of 1,000 kg per panel can be moved manually; automated options are also available for additional ease of operation and mobility issues or just that extra wow factor.

Solarlux Campus Melle Germany
Solarlux Campus Melle Germany
Solarlux Manufacturing

“Made in Germany” is a label synonymous with reliability and quality. Every Solarlux product is entirely manufactured at our factory and shipped ready to install. This guarantees that every element of the product is fully tested, going through our rigorous quality control checks, to meet the Solarlux quality and standards.

When you invest in a Solarlux bifold or siding door, as well as superbly designed and engineered; you can choose an accessible floor track that has passed roll-over tests carried out by the German testing institute, ift Rosenheim.

Solarlux truly delivers glass solutions that provide a lifestyle with no barriers; suitable for both the home and commercial properties.

Solarlux cero sliding door