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Solarlux bifold door

Solarlux - our story - creators of the first modern bi-fold door

Solarlux is one of the leading manufacturers of premium glass system solutions: bi-fold doors, glass extensions, glass canopies and houses, façades, glass sliding doors and glass balcony solutions.

Our passion and drive for excellence has grown Solarlux into a global brand trusted by homeowners, architects and design professionals alike. Every product in the Solarlux range has been developed from years of market analysis and obsessive innovation. Our products are perfectly tailored and precision-engineered to suit any home or commercial property.

Solarlux started with an idea almost 40 years ago. Two ambitious entrepreneurs, Heinz Theo Ebbert and Herbert Holtgreife, created the concept for the world’s first bi-folding door system on a beermat in a pub in Germany. The idea transcended traditional norms for living, creating a versatile glazing solution like nothing ever seen at the time. The company was founded in 1983, with two employees and a mission of changing the industry on a global scale.

Today, Solarlux is a second-generation family business, run by Herbert Holtgreife’s son, Stefan. Our company has almost 900 employees in 60 countries worldwide, yet remains true to its German roots. Our products are expertly crafted at our state-of-the-art factory in Melle, Germany to our customer’s exact specifications.

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Solarlux Campus Melle Germany
Our Manufacturing

“Made in Germany” is a label synonymous with reliability and quality. Every Solarlux product is entirely manufactured at our factory and shipped ready to install. This guarantees that every element of the product is fully tested, going through our rigorous quality control checks, to meet the Solarlux quality and standards.

We are constantly refining and innovating our product range with the consumer in mind. Every product we produce is subject to continuous testing and further development to ensure the best possible glazing solution for our customers. Sustainability is at the core of our company ethos, a view that is reflected in the manufacturing techniques of our wood and aluminium products.

Solarlux Wintergarden Adzent Plus SL81
Our Materials

ALUMINIUM - Durable and almost completely zero-maintenance. We apply environmental awareness to our aluminium production as Solarlux is certified in accordance with the German A.U.F. Recycling Loop, which has confirmed that our aluminium is recycled in an environmentally conscious manner that saves on resources. All of Solarlux’s aluminium systems are available in a choice of 30 RAL colours as standard as well as offering special DB, RAL and Eloxal colours.


WOOD - used by Solarlux are FSC and PEFC-certified and are sourced from sustainable forestry. Both our certificates in this area set high standards, particularly in terms of sustainability, the environmental compatibility of the forest cultivation, the quality of the work and the social expertise of the forestry companies we work with.

Our UK Installation Partners

Solarlux has a diverse network of installation partners stretching across the UK and Ireland and is a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our partners undergo thorough assessments to ensure they are true ambassadors of our brand. Technical expertise, product knowledge, installation standards and company values are all evaluated before earning the title of a Solarlux partner.

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Solarlux Ecoline bi-folding door