How to future proof your home for assessable living with low threshold doors
Solarlux bifold door

How to future proof your home for assessable living with low threshold doors

Doors are an essential part of our home providing accessibility, security and convenience.  Of course, they’re also a significant feature at the back of the house for garden access and play a huge part in new extensions.  Large dramatic sliding or bi-folding doors are now widely used creating beautiful new rooms flooded with light and are a stunning focal feature.

Whether replacing old patio doors or thinking about sliding or folding doors for a new extension, one of the most desirable features is a low threshold.  A low threshold on your new patio doors is not just a design feature, it also future-proofs your home for you and your family.  What you might not know are the benefits of low thresholds generally.

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Better for the elderly or disabled

Building Regulations such as Approved Document M and BS8300 provide guidance for both new building projects as well as how to adapt existing buildings.  However, a common association is these standards apply more to commercial buildings or specifically for the disabled.

In the home, a low threshold on a sliding or folding door is essential for the elderly, anyone using a wheelchair or with limited mobility. Navigating a step or any upstand can be difficult - something the able bodied don’t always appreciate. A low threshold eliminates this barrier, providing better access outdoors, whether the person lives alone or with their family, encouraging them to go outside more. 

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Keeping young children safe

Your doors aren’t even considered by young children, but warmer days mean our kids running in and out through the doors.  We take care in ensuring other areas of our home are safe for children.  It’s just as important for doors. Low thresholds eliminate the rebates and upstands of PVCu and timber doors and effectively reduces accidents, trips and falls.

Anyone with a pushchair understands the benefit of not raising and lugging it over a step or high threshold. Moving through the home gets significantly better and smoother. There’s also less damage on the door threshold and frame meaning reduced wear and tear and no unsightly marks!

Convenient, functional and attractive

Whether taking out or collecting the washing, bringing in the shopping or moving a heavier item, even rushing out of the home for whatever reason. With our patio doors intended for alfresco living, taking out meals or drinks gets easier too.  Let’s also not forget visitors in our home may not be as familiar with potential hazards. Another benefit of a low threshold.

Above all, designing your new patio doors with a low or flush threshold creates a better looking streamlined door.  Views get better thanks to their neat, sleek or minimal appearance, depending on the product. Floor levels look spectacular connecting to outside decking or slabs without the visible bulk of other doors.

Solarlux Highline bi-folding door

Solarlux - more threshold solutions than other doors

When you invest in a Solarlux bi-folding door, you get more threshold solutions than most bi-folding doors on the market today.

  1. Five different threshold solutions, meeting virtually any accessibility, design or functional requirement.
  2. Fully weathered solution on a low threshold where other bifold door brands stipulate internal use only.
  3. Suitable for both outward or inward opening doors starting at just 14mm high
  4. Low, minimalist or completely flush look for design-led projects and requirements

Of course, all the benefits of a low threshold come with our cero sliding doors as well as on our doors installed with our Solarlux wintergarden glazed extensions. For more information about our bi-fold doors or any of our other premium home improvement products, contact us today.