How to choose the right bifold doors for your home
Solarlux bifold door

Are you replacing your bifolds or creating a new space for them?

Choosing new bifolds to replace existing patio doors or older bifold doors is slightly easier than starting from scratch. If you have a single door opening you want to extend so you can enjoy bifolds leading you to a marvellous garden, you may have to instruct builders or surveyors to assess the structural integrity of the space first. This process normally requires the opening being made and a structural support being added in if there isn’t adequate support to make sure larger openings don’t affect the walls strength. This is especially important for homes with two or more floors.

Solarlux bifold door wood
What material is best for my new bifolds?

You may already have wood windows, or maybe white uPVC windows & doors, but that doesn’t mean new bifolds can’t fit right in. Modern bifolds come in a range of finishes, for example we offer stunning bifolds that have modern aluminium frames for the internal side and traditional looking yet sustainable timber on the external side like in the image below. Our range of high-quality adaptable materials means you can match the external & internal look of your bifolds to your home.

Bi-folding door Solarlux Highline
What else should I think about when choosing new bifolds?

Whether you want them to open from right to left or the other way, we offer many opening options. And it’s not just opening choices you have, with our superior glazing we can offer you specialist glass. You can choose from benefits like sound insulation, sun protection, burglar resistance or the self-cleaning option. Our bifolds are available in 30 popular RAL colours - you can choose either a modern matt finish or keep to the classic gloss finish at no extra cost. Solarlux’s own in house coating plant ensures top quality paint finishes on all our products including bifolds. We also offer DB & Eloxal finishes & colours for extra unique surface finishes, for example a Tiger finish for those that really want to stand out.

Here’s a quick list of key elements to consider when choosing new bifolds:

  1. Locking options to suit your needs (for example child friendly options)
  2. Colour & dual colour options – to match different interior & exteriors perfectly
  3. Double or triple glazed – modern glass energy efficiency is a must for large glazed areas
Solarlux Ecoline bi-folding door

Why should I choose Solarlux bifold doors?

Choosing new bifolds isn’t an easy choice, but finding the superior products is. Take for example the sightlines, you wouldn’t want to have the frame of the bifolds interrupting your view or being so wide that it breaks up a beautiful garden scene. We have some of the slimmest profiles (the frame that the glass sits in) giving you that much more of your garden scene. The bifolds also open and fold back so that you can really enjoy open plan living on those hot days and balmy evenings where you may want to enjoy alfresco dining.

We take door security very seriously. We are proud that select products from our bi folding door range are certified by Secured by Design (SBD). All our bifolds are designed to pass even the strictest of UK and European safety testing.

Read this blog to truly find out the reasons why our bifolds are the market leaders versus other brands. 

Here at Solarlux we pride ourselves in our expertly manufactured products. From garden rooms to glass houses, our German engineered products have received plenty of accolades making them the superior products on the market. We have a network of trusted UK installers that are specially trained to bring our products to life in your home.

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